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The 24-7 prayer room at St Peters opened on February 8, 2015. An hour or even a half night spent in the prayer room can be life changing. There are several ways to spend time in this space, soaking in God’s presence: book a personal slot or book a slot with your Small Group.

When you make a booking you’ll get confirmations, reminders and all you need to know about using the room, (please type your email address carefully). Make your Prayer Room booking.


Q. Can I reserve the room for exclusive use?

A. Yes, you can. When you make your booking, simply tick the box that says 'book for exclusive use'.

Q. Can I just turn up and pray?

A. We have a number of 'Open to All' slots where no booking is required. These will be highlighted in colour on the calendar.

Q. How do I make a repeat booking?

A. You will need to make each booking individually but the system will remember your details if you book your slots at the same time. It doesn't take long.

Q. Can we book the prayer room out for a Small Group or similar?

A.  Yes, of course, but groups need to book the room exclusively. Please ensure that owner of the email address supplied has regular access to receive all the booking details.


Q. How do I get into the prayer room?

A. You will need a PINCODE to get in. This will be sent to you straight after you made your booking via email and AGAIN 12hrs before your slot. Please check the LATEST email you've received before you leave for the prayer room as the code may be changed due to security matters.


Q. I need to cancel my booking but the system won't let me.

A. If you booked a slot without creating a 24-7 login then you can only change your booking from the same computer that you made it on.

Q. What happens if I need to cancel at the last minute?

A. We understand that this may happen from time to time. Please cancel your booking online. 


Q. Can people who don't go to Open Heaven use the prayer room?

A. We would love for this prayer room to be available for all those in Loughborough.

Q. Can my friends come and pray with me?

A. Yes, just make sure that you book it for exclusive use under one of your names unless you are happy to be joined by others.

Q. What should I do if someone is still in the prayer room when I've booked it for exclusive use?

A. Sometimes people get caught up in prayer and have no idea that their time is up, even if you've arrived. Please just let the other person/group know that your booking was for exclusive use, that your hour has started and ask them to please finish up and leave.