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Open Heaven is committed to creating relevant expressions of Church, we passionately believe in leading and supporting Church planting teams across the UK and the world.

In 2011 we sent out our first Church planting team abroad to Annecy in France. They have been working faithfully and patiently to settle into a new culture, learn a new language, find new jobs and new friends. The team have been building community, made some great connections with other leaders in the area and have started meeting regularly in the most well-known hotel in Annecy on a Sunday, and around various locations in weekly small groups. The church is called Connect Annecy, and Open Heaven continue to pray, encourage and financially support the team out there.

We are also involved in the partnership between the Methodist denomination and the Pioneer Network. The first Pioneer Connexion Ministers, a couple called Mark and Deanna Button, have been sent to Mosaic and we are supporting them as an Apostolic Resource Community.