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The Fusion Movement helps students find hope in Jesus and home in the local church.


We actively support Fusion, a charity that helps students to find a local church to call home and help church leaders to stay connected to an ever-changing student culture. They believe that working with students is a great way to bring life to the church and build the Kingdom of God. 


Fusion exists to serve students and local churches as they crack on with mission to their campuses and universities. They tell the story of the movement through sharing exciting student mission ideas & stories from across the world to encourage, inspire and provoke students to pray bigger as they step out in boldness and faith. They believe that we can see a significant move of God amongst students in this generation and want to equip churches and students with the tools and training they need to help to play their part in this. This is why they travel across the UK sharing student mission stories, training students and student small groups to live radically missional lives for Jesus at uni and beyond.