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For the foreseeable weeks and possibly months, the government restrictions of 6 people gathering opens up the opportunity for a season of innovation and flexibility! Our call to discipleship and values of growth, community, authenticity and empowerment hasn’t changed! We are encouraging everyone to be part of a Discipleship Huddle if you are not already part of a small group. You can start to following by following the process below. If you have recently started or would like to start a huddle, email us below. We'll send you resources to get you started and suggestions of people to create a huddle with if needed.




We would love to equip you to set up and start a discipleship huddle with 2 or 3 others, who you can journey with and pursue God together with for a season.



You could meet online, or regularly in person using homes (where numbers allow) or in gardens, café’s, pubs and parks depending on how safe and appropriate you feel to do so under guidance in place! The discipleship huddle is a place to seek open, honest accountable relationships which focus on Jesus.



If you’d like to pursue starting a discipleship huddle, working through these following steps can be a great place to start from:

1. Pray

Ask God to highlight 1 or 2 people who you could journey with. See who God shows you. They may not be friends and so don’t be dismayed if God is drawing you to create a huddle with individuals you don’t yet know that well. Sometimes the most powerful discipleship comes when we intentionally choose people to build one another in faith rather than just in friendship.


2. Ask

Be bold in inviting those God has shown you to partner with for a season of intentional spiritual growth together.


3. Plan

Once you’ve confirmed with others to pursue this kind of relationship together, commit to some dates in the diary! Setting a regular pattern of meet ups is also helpful in committing to journeying with individuals as well.


4. Meet 

And begin- we’d encourage you to adopt a simple model when you meet. Try meeting for an hour and splitting the time together into 4 part:

Part 1 - Spend 15 mins connecting with Jesus. Why not dig into worship and scripture together? You could find passages in the bible that focus your attention onto him, use recorded music or get creative – whatever pathways work for your huddle.


Part 2 - In the next 15 mins – discuss what God’s saying through scripture. What did you understand? How does this apply to you? What can you do about it?


Part 3 - In the 3rd section – What do you need to own? What can your huddle keep you accountable for so that you can grow spiritually in the coming weeks?


Part 4 – Pray - for one another – ask for the Holy Spirit’s power to live this out. Pray for those around you, who can you tell this week about God’s goodness?

5. Review

Agree on how long you’ll pursue your huddle for and try to regularly assess how your group is doing to ensure it continues being suitable/equipping for all!