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This Winter we will be looking at who Jesus is.


Jesus is the centre of it all. The centrepiece of creation, the heart of our faith, the author of life. He is the Way to God, the Truth wrapped in skin and bones, and He is Life in all its fullness. Our faith hinges on a single man, known by many names: Son of God, Saviour, Healer, Teacher, Friend, King. As we uncover the names and character of Christ, we are drawn closer to Him. As we listen, learn and follow his Way; his lifestyle, his words and his actions, we are made more and more into His image.

1. Jesus Is: Example

1 Peter 2:21

Rich Cave

Rich Cave launches our new series “Jesus is” by looking at how “Jesus is Example”. Jesus calls us to follow him, but he doesn’t leave us without help. He equips us with the power of holy spirit, calls us to receive God’s perfect love, and invites us to partner with him. 

2. Jesus Is: King

Zechariah 14:9

Luc Sadler

Jesus is the promised king. There are over 450 old testament prophecies about his coming, however he was not the king everybody was expecting. Unlike the other rulers of the day, it was at his weakest moments during birth and resurrection that his kingship was declared. By defeating death Jesus is also the eternal king, setting him apart from every other leader who has walked the earth. His rule and reign will never end.