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There is a high level of unity and partnership across Loughborough and as a church we are highly committed to Loughborough Churches Partnership. Ness has previously been Chair of Loughborough Churches Partnership. The Church leaders in the town work closely together, supporting one another, resourcing one another and praying for one another. The vision statement of LCP is: There is one Church of Loughborough, with multiple expressions, centered on Christ to transform our community.


'Alive in Loughborough' is back! Sunday 9 June 2019 in Southfields Park. Come and gather with 800 plus people from across Loughborough Churches Partnership for a huge united outdoor service to begin with, followed by food and fun together. Invite friends and neighbours to join us and witness that the Church of Loughborough is alive and well in all it's beauty and breadth. A united church makes God's love visible. Come and join in!