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OH1 is our 18-30’s expression of Open Heaven, we are passionate about discipling and equipping students and 20s & 30s to establish heaven on campus, in the workplace, on the streets or at home.

In-Person Gatherings

This summer we want to reconnect with God, each other and our town. OH1 will be meeting in a four week cycle of in-person gatherings, social action and feasts alternating between 7pm at St. Peter’s Centre and other times and venues. We’ll also be hosting midweek BBQs. All gatherings will comply with social distancing and other measures, pre-booking is required.


Small Groups

Small groups are the life of Open Heaven! They are the primary place where we belong in community and grow in our faith. We were designed for community, and we strongly encourage everyone in Open Heaven to be part of a small group, especially in this season.