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Loughborough Churches Partnership

There is a high level of unity and partnership across Loughborough and as a church we are highly committed to Loughborough Churches Partnership. Ness is currently the Chair of this partnership. The Church leaders in the town work closely together, supporting one another, resourcing one another and praying for one another.

The vision statement of LCP is:

“There is one Church of Loughborough,
with multiple expressions,
Centered on Christ
To transform our community”


We belong to a network of around 70 churches called Pioneer which is led by Billy Kennedy. The Pioneer Network provides us with apostolic oversight. Open Heaven is also one of seven churches within Pioneer that is recognised not just as a good local Church, but also an apostolic resource community that can strengthen and serve other Churches and ministries.


We actively support Fusion, a charity that helps connect students to local Churches in their new university location. They equip students, serve local Churches, develop student workers and are fuelling a global student movement to see more and more students become followers of Jesus.