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The Earth Is The Lord's And Everything In It

Stewardship; the job of supervising or taking care of something.⁠ ⁠Jesus understood that everything he had belonged to the Father. One passage puts it like this; ‘The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it’ Psalm 24:1. Out of this understanding Jesus was able to manage everything he had to its full potential for the purposes of God’s kingdom. He didn’t own property. He was not well dressed. He did not accumulate wealth. He only had 24 hours in each day. He died in his early 30s, yet he was the most fulfilled man on the earth.⁠ Why and how we use our time, treasures or talents well reveals our heart’s true intentions. This journey to understanding our intentions carries more weight than any quantity of stuff that we have in our lives. 

1. Being Stewards

Psalm 24:1

Joe McSharry

The lens through which Jesus saw the world meant that everything He saw, had and knew belonged to Father God. Jesus lived in a way that meant He managed everything He had at His disposal to its full potential, for the purpose of God’s mission to be accomplished. Jesus was our perfect example of how to steward. At Open Heaven we have a discipleship culture, meaning every area of our lives is open to Jesus being in charge of it. As followers of Jesus, we seek to imitate His ways in all areas of our lives, including the way we steward. 

2. Stewarding The Earth

Genesis 1-3

Interview with Caroline Harmon

In an age when the negative impacts of climate change are making headline news, the desire to do something can feel irresistible, yet overwhelming. For a long time images of creation being destroyed tugged at the heart strings, but resulted in no immediate action. But now more and more people are waking up to the reality that this is God's world, His creation, and we don't have long left to protect it. This week Caroline delves into the question 'What does God have to say about non-human creation?', and challenges us to think about what it could look like for Christians to partner with God in the stewardship of His creation. 

3. Stewarding the Supernatural (Part 1)

Acts 1:8

Sarah Richards

4. Stewarding the Supernatural (Part 2)

Acts 1:8

Chloe Richards
What does it mean for us to live under an Open Heaven? What does it look like for us to be spirit-filled followers living spirt-filled lives? The early church operated in the spirit as a means of advancing the Kingdom of God, and as our guest speakers shared on Sunday, the same can be said of the church today. Healings, prophesies and radical salvations can be part of modern day testimonies, and we would like to see more! Listen back to this week's two part podcast from Sarah and Chloe Richards on how to steward the supernatural.

5. Stewarding Time

Ephesians 5:11-17

Stacey McSharry

How do we receive the gift of life? Although there is the promise of eternity, the time we have on this earth is limited. The days we have to make the most of this gift are numbered. There is only so long to enjoy His creation, to build relationships with those around us, and pursue our purpose. But in a world that is constantly competing for our time, how do we steward it wisely? How do we find rest amongst the chaos and take back control? 

6. Stewarding Money (The Panel)

Proverbs 11:24-25

Rich Cave, Jimmy Zachariah, Sarah Gowers-Cromie, Benji Street, John Olaleye, Louise Javis

7. Stewarding Money (The Talk)

Matthew 6:21

Rachel Sadler

Whether you are a student reliant on government funding, or a growing family finding your income being stretched further and further, we all find ourselves with money to steward. Often fear dictates our feelings towards money, making us believe we don't have enough to provide for own needs, let alone those of others or the church. But as Rachel unpacks in her talk, it is our values which shape our attitude, which in turn shape how we act. So as you listen back and hear wisdom from people within the church who are on a journey with this themselves, ask yourself the question, how best can I steward the money He has given me?

8. Stewarding our Bodies

1 Kings 19

Rich Wilson

In 1 Kings 19 we find the prophet Elijah close to suicide. Tired, hungry and without community he wanders into the wilderness, exhausted after a successful but punishing showdown. In this place God-the-Provider nurtures and cares for Elijah when he can no longer look after himself or his body. To run the marathon of faith set before us we must live in a sustainable way, stewarding our body as we journey. How do we love and care for ourselves in order that we might love and serve those around us?

9. Stewarding Power

Genesis 1

Interview with Brian Wakley

Christ's power is undeniable. Everything was created through him and for him. In the book of Genesis we see this power outworked, yet we also see the struggle of worldly power as people let ambition blind them from the one true authority. All around the world power struggles continue. Sometimes we can feel as though others hold more ground, and other times we are shocked by the privilege we have. The power we perceive we have will vary throughout our lifetime, but in every season we can ask 'what do you require of me God?'. As Brian unpacks in this interview, Christ's power is in us, meaning we are capable of doing great things.