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Jesus is the centre of it all. The centrepiece of creation, the heart of our faith, the author of life. He is the Way to God, the Truth wrapped in skin and bones, and He is Life in all its fullness. Our faith hinges on a single man, known by many names: Son of God, Saviour, Healer, Teacher, Friend, King. As we uncover the names and character of Christ, we are drawn closer to Him. As we listen, learn and follow his Way; his lifestyle, his words and his actions, we are made more and more into His image.


Jesus Is: Example

1 Peter 2:21

Rich Cave

How did Jesus live? What were his character traits? What is Jesus’ example to us? Rich Cave launches our new series 'Jesus Is' by looking at how 'Jesus Is: Example'. Jesus calls us to follow him, but he doesn’t leave us without help. He equips us with the Holy Spirit, calls us to receive God’s love, and invites us to partner with him. 


Jesus Is: King

Zechariah 14:9

Luc Sadler

Is Jesus the promised King? What does it mean that Jesus defeated death? Will Jesus’ reign never end? Jesus is the promised king. There are over 450 old testament prophecies about His coming, however He was not the king everybody was expecting. Unlike the other rulers of the day, it was at His weakest moments during birth and resurrection that His kingship was declared. By defeating death Jesus is also the eternal king, setting Him apart from every other leader who has walked the earth. His rule and reign will never end.


Jesus Is: Ruler Of All

Philippians 2:9-11

Ness Wilson

What does it mean for Jesus to be ruler of all? Is God sovereign? What will happen when Jesus returns? Ness Wilson shares on God's sovereignty and rulership. Jesus is on the throne and is ruler over all creation. One day every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord, but what does this mean for us now? What will this mean when Jesus returns?


Jesus Is: Rebel

Colossians 2-3

Joe McSharry

How can I live differently? Do I have ideas and beliefs that don’t fit with Jesus’ Kingdom? What is God’s response to power and authorities? Jesus Is: Rebel, but not the one people wanted. He treated bad people well, included the excluded and restored those who society called unclean. Joe Mcsharry shares on Jesus’ call for us to live differently with him by reflecting on Colossians chapter 2-3.


Jesus Is: Saviour

John 14:6

Renae Huggan-Broughton

What is salvation? Why did Jesus have to die? Why did Jesus call himself “the way, the truth and the life”? Jesus’ name means “God saves”. Salvation is in his nature and his name. His claim is to be the way to a relationship with God. But the gospel to us is more than just personal salvation, it is an invitation to participate in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Jesus Is: Teacher

Matthew 5

Ness Wilson

What did Jesus teach? Were His teachings radical? How does Jesus teach us today? Jesus’ teaching was deeply challenging and countercultural. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus’s teachings move passed the rules of the time, instead addressing our hearts and character. He continues to want to teach us today.


Jesus Is: Healer

Matthew 9:20-22

John Olaleye

Does Jesus heal today? Why was healing an important part of Jesus’ ministry? Healing was central to Jesus’ message and impact. Jesus’ healing restored people to wholeness, community and dignity. It was a sign that God’s Kingdom had come. Does Jesus continue to heal today?


Jesus Is: Advocate

Psalm 89:14

Jimmy Zachariah

What is an advocate? How does Jesus advocate for me? What does it mean for us to be advocates for others? If we feel the weight of guilt, wondering if we’re good enough to be loved by God, Jesus stands in our place and makes a way for us to be right with God. Jesus is our advocate. Jimmy Zachariah talks on ‘Jesus Is: Advocate’ as well as sharing from his own experience how we too are called to advocate for those in need.


Jesus Is: Friend

John 15:12

Sarah Ford

Where are you at in your friendship with Jesus? Is there anything Jesus wants to say to you about this friendship? Jesus is the God who calls you His friend. Sarah Ford takes a look at some of the different aspects of our friendship with Jesus; that of partnership, obedience and His proven love for us, and she ultimately labels it ‘as our highest calling in life’.


Jesus Is Head Of The Church

Ephesians 4:15

Steve Clifford

What does it mean to be the church? How does Jesus being ‘Head of the Church’ impact us? How does it affect our church community? The bible calls the Church ‘the body of Christ’, with Jesus as the head of this body. Steve Clifford unpacks how this relationship between the Church (the body) and Jesus Christ (the head) affects how we operate as a community.