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There is a little Greek word that has a lot to teach us about how we treat others. It is the word “allelon” which is usually translated “one another”. This phrase occurs 100 times in the New Testament, but these aren’t just words on a page. These words command us to treat others as Christ treated those around Him. How could we experience greater peace and joy if we followed these commands? How might the world see the church if we lived these ‘one another’ verses out? All the ‘one anothers’ flow from this central command Jesus gave; to be kind, compassionate and to love one another.

Love One Another

John 13:34

Rich Wilson

Are you carrying a grudge? Who are you struggling to get on with? The call to action to ‘love one another’ is the core message of the Bible. Love can sometimes be thought of as a feeling - and in a sense that’s true - but love is a choice we have to make each time we think, act and speak. When we choose to love those around us we start to see them as God sees them. Love helps us frame each decision we make.


Live In Harmony With One Another: Pt 1

Romans 12:16

Caroline Harmon

What does it look like to live in union with the people around you? How could you make a change in your life to bring about peace and wholeness? When we think of peace we think of the absence of war, times of tranquility and calm. But peace isn’t an absence, it’s a wholeness. Living at peace and harmony with others and our environment takes effort. It isn’t going to happen on its own.


Commit to One Another

Colossians 3:13

Luc Sadler

Friendships and relationships without commitment are like a house built on sand. At the first sign of trouble they’ll come crashing down. Finding the right people to commit to enables you both to journey through life together well, supporting each other as you go. The act of commitment builds a solid foundation of trust that allows both parties to flourish.


Encourage One Another

Romans 14:19

Joe McSharry

When was the last time you called out the good in someone? What are you doing to build friendships? Our small actions can have a big impact on those around us. Each time you interact with someone you have the opportunity to affect their day. Speaking encouragement over a person can build up their confidence in an instant. Encouraging is a personal choice. We must be purposeful in communicating our appreciation for others.