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In this series we go through the Old Testament book of Nehemiah chapter by chapter. We examine the process from conception to completion of the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem by the people of God. We see how they work with each other and with God to achieve this feat and how they deal with sorrow, persecution, fear along the way. And we draw parallels to our need to rebuild our lives and our society as we approach a post-Covid-19 world.

Rebuilders: Ruins Can Be Rebuilt

Nehemiah 1

Ness Wilson

How do we keep praying into the same thing every day? How do we worship through times of pain, loss and exhaustion? What is broken in our lives and needs rebuilding? Ness Wilson dwells on the significance of broken walls. Nehemiah felt deep sorrow over what was broken, and so committed to bringing his sadness before God in prayer. There is a need for us to grieve the things we have lost, naming them one by one. Ness Wilson highlights some tools and ideas to help us keep praying when things seem broken.


Rebuilders: Favour And Planning

Nehemiah 2

Rich Wilson

How can I pray when I’m filled with sorrow? How can I go from prayer to action? What does it mean to assess the rubble of my life? This is a time to pray, plan and lead. Rich Wilson speaks on Nehemiah 2, where Nehemiah, feeling broken with sorrow and terribly afraid, turns to God in prayer, makes a plan and then takes a lead. We are called to talk to God about what burdens our hearts, and to move forward with His help.


Rebuilders: Working Together

Nehemiah 3

Rich Cave

What is your part to play in rebuilding society? How can you ensure you are a contributor to a cause and never a consumer of a product? In the Book of Nehemiah, goldsmiths and perfumers are among those working side by side to rebuild the broken city of Jerusalem. Looking at Nehemiah 3, Rich Cave shares on how everybody has a part to play in the great rebuilding project. Although the scale of the need around us can be overwhelming, it is far less overwhelming when everyone plays their part.


Rebuilders: The Trowel And The Sword

Nehemiah 4

Mark Greene

What are we building? What are we opposing? How does our God fight for us?When we bring Kingdom values into our frontlines, we might face opposition, accusation or intimidation. Mark Greene unpacks Nehemiah’s declaration that; “our God will fight for us”. What does it look like to use our tools of work and our weapons of spiritual warfare?


Rebuilders: Build Back Better

Nehemiah 5

Joe McSharry

What aspects of ourselves and society do we want to build back better? Will I approach my post-covid life differently to my pre-covid life? In a post-Covid-19 era we get to address the things that weren’t right before. We get to rebuild our lives, our society, and our church with greater racial justice, greater environmental care, greater relational health. During Covid-19, relationships have been under strain and division has been rife. Joe McSharry unpacks Nehemiah 5 to help us understand how we can repair, restore & reconnect.