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20s & 30s

Within OH1, our community of 20s & 30s continues to grow year on year, with graduates and young adults from the local community joining us for the ride. We're cultivating a community of ordinary radicals made up of single, married, part-time, full-time and parenting individuals that are sowing the seeds of lifelong discipleship to Jesus. 

We are committed to our church, our community and Loughborough, and so we are here in every season (including outside of university term time). At OH1 we meet over Christmas, Easter and Summer in the Rosebery St Peter's Community Centre in the centre of Loughborough. Our gatherings are marked by the tangible sense of God's presence, an exploration of discipleship to Jesus and rich community. We'd love you to join us.


God created us and designed us to work. Our work is an expression of our God-given identity and creativity, and brings worship and honour to God. We are committed to equipping and encouraging our 20s & 30s in their workplace and we are passionate about bringing prayer and the prophetic into workplaces. Do you long to see more of God in your place of work? Are you hitting barriers and challenges? Do you need God to breathe fresh vision and direction? Book a slot for Workplace Prayer and let God move afresh in your Workplace.


We were created for community, and Open Heaven Small Groups provide a place to flourish as you journey with others in discipleship to Jesus. We have several Small Groups for 20s & 30s including some which are a mixture of Students and 20s & 30s.