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We live in a culture that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. We live in a world where anxiety, illness and death feel close. We live in a time in which community is scattered, isolation is the new normal and rhythms of life are being rethought. Cutting through all this is the Word of God, an ever present help in times of trouble, a great shining beam of light in the darkest of moments. The Spirit of God, our helper, our protector, draws close, comforting us in our time of need. As the early church were dispersed through persecution in the Book of Acts so too are we today sent out into our neighbourhoods through the disruption of a pandemic. And into these places we bring and share hope. 

1. The Attack Against Anxiety 

Philippians 4:4-7

Ness Wilson

Paul was no stranger to hardship. Many of his letters in the New Testament speak of the persecution he was facing and his inability to see his brothers and sisters face to face. You may be able to relate to his letters now more than ever. But despite his situation Paul reminds us to rejoice in worship, push into prayer and know God's peace through every anxious thought. As Ness unpacks some verses from the book of Philipians let's be open to applying Paul's advice to our own lives, knowing that it is the same God who reigns today. 

2. Not On Hold

Galatians 6:7-10, Psalm 126, Matthew 6:25-34

Rich Wilson

As we enter into this season of uncertainty it may feel like your life has been stopped in its tracks. The events we had planned may have been cancelled and our regular routines may have disappeared, yet we continue to wake each day. The agenda for your life may have been put on pause, but your life itself isn't. The way we respond to this change is important. The seeds we sow now as we seek first the Kingdom will produce fruit that lasts far beyond this current season. What can you be doing now to ensure you run the long race with God?