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Making Disciples who establish Heaven on Earth

Since Open Heaven started over twenty years ago, we have had a specific call to make disciples meaning over a thousand people have experienced a church culture which has actively discipled them, often through a season of 1 to 1 discipleship and being part of a community that is committed to inner transformation. Open Heaven is not a church to belong to if you want to stay the same.
With a  community of Jesus-followers who are growing in emotional health, maturity and spiritual authority we are effectively able to engage in establishing heaven on earth around us. This means bringing heaven's joy, justice, righteousness, peace, healing, hope and life to the people and places around us.

This vision shapes everything we do. Alongside our vision are three specific goals for the current season:

Be an Apostolic Resource Community

We are recognised within the Pioneer Network of churches as being more than just a good local church. We are able to serve and strengthen other churches, both within Pioneer and also more widely across our town and region. The word 'apostolic' means 'sent' and means we can break new ground for God's Kingdom by creating new expressions of Open Heaven locally and by church planting further afield. To date, we have planted OH1, OH2 and with our friends from Elim and Kings planted a Messy Church. We have also sent a church planting team to Annecy, France.

We see every member of Open Heaven as being a 'sent one' bringing God's Kingdom into all the different spheres He has placed them.

As a church we also oversee a church in Hull called Mosaic and work into a number of other leadership teams and settings. We love to give away, serve and resource other parts of God's church.

Be a City of Refuge

Along with other congregations in the town, we are committed to making Loughborough a City of Refuge. There are a number of specific ways we outwork that at Open Heaven. First we are a supportive and welcoming community to children coming out of care who are being adopted and fostered in Open Heaven families. Second we run a well-being cafe called Safe Haven which supports parents struggling with the pressures of parenting and their mental health. Third we run Messy Church with Elim and Kings which provides a hot meal, a clothes bank and a safe, fun environment to explore faith.

Be an Open Heaven

We want to live up to our name by continuing to develop in rhythms of prayer and worship and by being naturally supernatural. We love growing in our awareness of God's presence and know that when heaven touches earth, wonderful things happen! 
We have many gifted musicians and some of our worship leaders are writing songs that are being recorded. We have also turned the old boiler room basement into a 24-7 prayer room.