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We are committed to helping those in our community identify their gifts, talents and passions and then find many opportunities for people to use those to serve the Church and wider community.The Church would not be the Church it was created to be, if no-one brought their unique contribution, whether that is talents, time or resources. At the forefront and behind all of our gatherings, events and projects are many people who are generously using their gifts to serve God, his Church and our wider community.

OH1 is our 18-30s community. Teams include Hosting, Set Up, Van Crew, Oversight, Audio Visual, Worship and Prayer Ministry. Get involved.

OH2 is our family focused community. Teams include Children's Work, Creche, Audio Visual, Oversight, Set Up, Welcome, Hospitality, Youth and Worship. Get involved.

Club Mission is our Friday night chillout room at Lougborough Students Union. The Club Mission team serves students on a night out. Get involved.

Safehaven Café is a 5-week well-being café for parents with pre-school aged children who need help with their mental health and general well-being. Volunteers help look after children, serve food and set up the space. Get involved.

Messy Church is a monthly creative gathering for families, in partnership with Elim Church and Kings Church. Messy Church volunteers run creative activities, help out with children's work and serve food. Get involved.

Youth work takes place on Tuesdays and Sundays during gatherings. The team helps pastor and lead this growing community of young adults. Get involved.