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Families Online Week 5 - May 3 2020 

This week's resources seek to explore the amazing story that Jesus told about the wise and foolish builder. Its a really well know parable and we wanted to take  the time to explore what it means to us today, in terms of Jesus call for us to build our lives on Him and the truths of scripture.The resources include an excellent retelling of the story by Elsbeth Goodwright and some suggestions and ideas on how to explore the key messages of this parable in downloadable PDF format.In addition there is a downloadable resource for KS1 parents and carers that you might find useful as well.As ever please feel free to be creative and adapt these ideas and suggestions to meet the needs of your own families. We hope you find them useful.

Download the Week 5 Resource

Download the Wise and Foolish builder KS1 (Trueway Kids) Resource B

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