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Families Online Week 1 - April 5 2020 


Exploring Palm Sunday together.

The following resources will enable you as a family to explore, reflect, and respond to the amazing story of Palm Sunday. They are designed to enable you as a family to work through a time of reflection and response on your own or to be taken on the journey via a narrated and interacted video recording. As always we encourage you to adapt the resource, its structure, and how you choose to respond in your own family situation. Equally, it's important to remember that you can engage with the resources at any time, not just on a Sunday morning. On a final note; The Families Online Week 1 PDF provides an overview of all the activities and can be used to guide yourself through them. There are two versions of the recorded narrative, one aimed at families with children aged up to 7 (KS 1), and one for age 7 plus (KS 2).


Download the Week 1 Resource

Download the Week 1 Interactive Children's Zoom Worship Resource