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Families Online Week 7 - May 17 2020 

This week we are taking the time to reflect on what happened shortly after Jesus' resurrection on the road to Emmaus. Its an incredible story in which an encounter with Jesus changes the lives of two people and has a direct impact on their feelings, actions and hopes! Equally today, our personal relationship with Jesus, can have a similar impact, but so also, can the people that God places in our lives to love us, support us, encourage us and walk with us. Therefore these resources seek to help us reflect on some specific promises in scripture , as well as how Jesus impacts on our daily lives. In addition, they suggest ways that we can pause to be thankful for those God has placed in our lives, and finally how we too can walk with others to love, support and encourage them. As ever, we offer these as suggestions and ideas for you to adapt, pick from and use in what ever way that works best for your family at this time. We hope you find them helpful.

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