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Wildfires is a three day festival at the Wiston Estate, West Sussex, UK.


It was launched in 2018 as a joint adventure between 24-7 Prayer, Worship Central, Pioneer, Fusion, Big Church Day Out, Tearfund and many other churches. Over the festival, thousands of all ages gather from different church expressions and communities, hungry to see revival in our time; gathering around Camp Fires that deepen friendships and community; pursuing together Holy Fire through worship, prayer and teaching; and encountering the Wild Fire of the Holy Spirit to take back to our homes, communities and our nations. Wildfires has partnered with Big Church Day Out to make the event happen - so when you buy ticket for Wildfires, you're also getting a ticket for the Big Church Day Out!


Churches and communities can camp together in ‘Wildfires Villages’, children and young people can take part in Holy Spirit fuelled programmes and students & adults can worship and learn together; it is in these times that friendships deepen, faith gets re-ignited, dreams are born and our lives get shaken - never has there been such a time where the desire for a new move of the Holy Spirit across all generations has been so evident.